September 28, 2008


im kind of obsessed with commercials , love this 1 , hate pepsi though :P

where is looove (8)

random webpage

September 7, 2008

kinkos shminkos

kinkos should be professional right? right .....

i wanted them to print stickers for me , 10 papers . i waited for 30 min just to print it out and cut them . , i go back home and realized it was backward , the sticker side was empty , and the words were on the non sticky side :/

i went there the next day , handled them to the same guy and told him shoooof , and then not another word , he went back there to make more but he didnt know how and he asked for assistance from some other guy ??? kinkos o kinkos and they have such employees not to mention he was kinda rude , i was in a hurry so i gave them a copy and told them ill come tomorrow ,

i come back i saw the sticker wala shno ? its not the color i wanted , totally different grrrrrr , they said they didnt have the original file thats why it came out like that.

wb3deeeen? ily 9ar ina they gave it to a third guy and he was working on it but this time i had to wait 45 min ambaaay zahaagt n then he came and he told me u can pick them up tomrrow morning ... :/ mo min 9ijhom.

and then an american guy came to send fedex , ofcourse all theire tshirts was written on it fedex. and non of them knew how to send fedex but 1 and he was busy , and hes like thats not possible , only 1 single guy knows how to use the fedex , u all should take your tshirts off LOOL

and tonight im gonna go and pick em up and i sure hope theyve done it right

ps: next time ill try quick copy

August 29, 2008

clumsy powder

today i decided to go to my friend's house to help her with her exhibition , its 5 pm and powder is really hungry , 6 , 7 ,8 bamoooooooooot min ilyooo3 , 8:30 i called my cousins:

powder : wainkom
flana: ilraya
powder: ok ana yayatkom
flana: 7ayach

when i reached they already finished and theire having coffee so i decided to get a sandwich from chocolate and macaroon , i reach for my wallet waala its not there OH MY GOD !!!! i forgot it back at the exhibition , so i borrowd money from my cousin and paid for my sandwich , later on i placed my cell phone inside my pocket wala i had 10 kd inside :/ LOOOOOOOOOL mas5ara

wazedkom min ilshe3er bait , we seperated and each went to her car , i realized i dont have 5arda then i cal my cousin again

powder: hahahaha
flana: shfeeeech hahaha
powder : aby 100 fils hahhaha
flana : laughing hystarically and making fun of me

so she drove next to me and gave me lotsa coins and some fell in the street :P and i finaly got my 100 fils and thankgod the sandwich was good and worth wat happened :P

August 27, 2008

pancakes anyone ?

with butter?

with chocolate chip ?

with chocolate sauce?

August 18, 2008

men and feelings

i was talking about this subject with few friends of mine .

what is it with men and feelings? r they feeling less? or are they too manly to express their feelings ? or is it just hard for them to express? . weather hes Ur father husband , Ur son or even just a person u know.

i actually had to face that and I'm sure most of u did , lets say they expressed their feeling , is it true ? or are they just lying to get attention ?

can u please explain to me why ?

August 6, 2008

moment of silence

since im silent and have nothing in mind to write about , I dedicate this post to all silent readers

June 14, 2008


have u ever wOke up early in the morning on the sound of DRILLING ? IF NOT THEN UR 1 LUCKY BASTARD :p JUST KIDDING :P

happened to me few days ago , suddenly i woke up on the sound of drilling , it was 5:45 am , what the hell? y3nee laaaish ?? cant u wait till its 8 when we are all at work , it was sooo loud that i felt like if they were drilling my head , i was going to stick my head out of the wIndow to yell at them b3den i remembered that im in kuwait , DAAYMN .

what to do , what to do , i want to sleep , i spotted my yellow ear plugs that i got from boots , they were INCREDIBLE , i totally recommend it , life savers

April 14, 2008

Public Service Announcement (P.S.A.)

Suicide is the act of intentionally terminating one's own life. It is a topic that isn't really taken that seriously in the Arab world especially in Kuwait. And with this being said it is still an act that many Kuwaiti's and Foreigners living in Kuwait still do. Over the past 10 years the number of Suicides have increased but it is also something that is considered a taboo, and is kept very hush hush in the news and therefore many people living in Kuwait don't hear about it.

I've created this P.S.A. of suicide using fruits for a class project. You can just imagine by looking at the fruits of how painful this would be if it was a Human. So PLEASE i encourage you all to take this seriously and if you ever hear or know of anyone that is considering to end there life this way, talk to them, and let them know that there are people out there that still care and love them and that what ever the reason may be, it is not worth taking your own life.

In Addition there are shots with the help of my partners but weren't a part of my campaign so they did the editing on there's, so all i have is the raw images of them.

hope u enjoy!

March 18, 2008


powder is extremely happy , cant even describe it , so im gonna celebrate my hapiness away from my blog for a while . and now ill leave u all being happy :D WOHOOOO